Esther Rolinson and Sean Clark: Resonance - Patterns of Connection

Esther Rolinson and Sean Clark: Resonance - Patterns of Connection

Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2017 - Fri, 22 Dec 2017

Venue: LCB Depot, Leicester

In this exhibition at the LCB Depot Lightbox Gallery in Leicester, artists Esther Rolinson and Sean Clark show artworks that explore their shared interests in connectedness. The pieces vary from computer-generated light works and digital screens to three dimensional structures, high-quality prints and ink drawings.

The exhibition reveals the diversity of Sean Clark and Esther Rolinson's art practices, as well as their common ground. They will be showing new individual artworks as well as presenting their latest experimental work together, in which Esther Rolinson's digital drawings, produced using an app written by Sean Clark are captured, deconstructed and represented. This work-in-progress aims to create a dialogue between hand-drawing and digital construction. This emerging process translates rhythms of movement in the drawings into light sequences in the Esther Rolinson's light works.

Sean Clark's new work continues his exploration in to what he calls "connected digital artworks" and "cybernetic ecologies". Custom-made digital screens will be showing new internet-connected artworks and he will be revealing his latest digital prints and 3D-printed "ArtThings".

Esther Rolinson will be showcasing small-scale sculptural light works and drawings developed over the last year in her process based art practice. These are explorations of felt sensations and sounds investigating structures and patterns in human experience. The works will show the intricacy of Rolinson's practice from instinctive and rule based drawing to complex programmed sculptural systems.

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