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Digital Arts Leicester 2020


Tue 2nd June 8pm - 9pm FREE
Sean Clark: Introducing The Computer Arts Archive
Talk on Zoom about the new Leicester-based Computer Arts Archive.
More information and registration here:

Tue 9th June 2020 8pm - 9pm FREE
Computer Arts Society Short Talks
Six short talks by members and associates of the Computer Arts Society.
More information and registration here:

Fri 12th June 2020 7pm - 9:30pm FREE
Interact Live: Exhibition Opening with Live Music and Visuals
The official exhibition online opening event with a tour of the exhibition, a performance from SABOTAGE and music/visuals from Leicester's Myoptik and Birmingham's Higher Intelligence Agency.
- Exhibition Tour & Artist Talks (30mins)
- SABOTAGE Live Performance (15mins)
- Myoptik (30mins)
- Higher Intelligent Agency Live DJ Set (1hr)

Sat 13th June 2020 1pm - 2pm FREE
Computer Drawing with Scratch Workshop
Online workshop with Sean Clark showing how Scratch can be used to make sophisticated computer drawings. Suitable for ages 5+. Part of Second Saturday.

Mon 15th June 2020 3pm - 4pm FREE
Meet the Artists: For Curators and Organisations
Exhibition walkthrough and discussion session for curators and organisations. Invitation only. How can we continue to support digital artists in Leicester? Contact if you would like to attend.

Friday 19th June 2020

Friday 26th June 2020
Ceremony: Observances in Sound and Vision

Exhibition - Commissioned Artists

Sean Carroll

I am interested in using technology to enable performance across a range of disciplines. My current work is exploring sound art and the delivery of artworks through the browser using javascript and game engines. More..

Sean Clark

Leonie DuBarry-Gurr

Conducting aesthetic experiments with a focus on the relationship between visuals and sound, I am interested in how multi-media can be employed, manipulated and transformed to illustrate or produce emotion and sentiment. More..

Jim Frize

I'm a PhD candidate based in Leicester UK. My research focuses on developing tools and strategies for sound art and music. For this project, I will investigate the use of common web-based tools. More..

Anoushka Goodwin

I am interested in how we all use the internet and our emergent technologies and I use smartphone technology and creative applications to produce affective, non-linear narrative with imagery heavily drawn from internet consumer culture. More..

Joe Moran

I am a practising artist and PhD student with a particular interest in the creation of lighted artworks that are intended to be integrated within the urban environment; my practice incorporates a variety of technology and found objects. More..

Paul Mazzitelli

I'm an Audio Visual artist and Managing Director at R10 heritage studios in Leicester. For this project, I will be focusing on artworks created with hybrid analogue/digital technology. More..

Paul Rudman

I created Homo Solitaire, a mechanical animation who waits alone, watching the lockdown body-count on TV, unsure how to respond. More..


Exhibition - Guest Artists

Local Venues and Organisations